Exploring Iranian Identity: A Writing Workshop

2 Sundays 9am–5pm  |  June 5 & 12, 2016

Private Coaching

Anita occasionally accepts new clients who want to take their fiction to the next level of accomplishment. If you are interested, please send an email describing your project and the kind of assistance you would like.

Here’s what a recent client has to say about working with Anita:

I’m grateful to Anita for her tenacious guidance with my novel. I came to Anita with what I considered a completed manuscript, and two pages of suggested edits from a New York agent. After two years of writing and a handful of rejections, my first instinct was to ardently incorporate her suggestions into my manuscript. But, my gut nudged me to take a closer look—perhaps there were other possibilities to enrich my manuscript. After several aborted attempts at editing my own work, I realized that it was nearly impossible to examine a work that had become part of me.

At this stage of my novel writing, my criteria was to find a a successfully published novelist with a deep understanding of Central Asia, the Middle East and the challenges facing Muslim women. I was immensely honored and grateful when Anita agreed to work with me.

I liken working with Anita to receiving an accelerated MFA in creative writing. She has the technical writing skills of a master teacher, the astuteness of a perceptive reader and the mannerism of a refined diplomat. Anita has pulled me out of writing slump by providing generous praise without compromising her ruthless edits. Our brainstorming sessions have spurred new ideas, creative plot twists and richer characters—my readers will thank me for working with Anita.

In gratitude,
Humaira Ghilzai
Writer, Blogger and Social Entrepreneur